Boxercise 6 Class Pass


This is a 6-session class pass for beginners wanting to lose weight and have fun with this fun, boxing style workout.

You’ll work up a sweat, get that heart racing and burn a shedload of calories. We’ll box and use pads and gloves but never hit each other!

Great for losing weight, sculpting your body and improving your fitness levels.

We’ll do technique work, paired sparring, circuits and beasting!

Each session will be different/varied  to keep you on your toes!


Choose from Friday mornings or Monday nights.

Classes start from 11th June 2018



6 Sessions at Boxercise!

Choose from Monday 8-9pm at the Sports Barn or Friday’s 9.30am at Clay Cross Tesco (the community room)

Call 07794 016 966 for more information or to book your place.